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We offer the most affordable quality caskets, cremation urns, keepsakes, and other funeral related items with FREE nationwide delivery via FedEx.

Star Legacy's Eternal Ring Brass Cremation Urn Set – 3

Brass & Metal Urns

Star Legacy's Eternal Ring Brass Cremation Urn Set – 3


Star Legacy's Eternal Ring Brass Cremation Urn Set – 3


is made of 100% Brass & Black Enamel. The set includes 1 Large/Adult urn with velvet bag and 2 Keepsake urns which include heart-shaped velvet cases.  The urns feature 3 bright brass Eternal Rings representing eternal love. The rings and an all over floral design are etched onto the urn exposing the bright brass underneath creating a beautiful black and gold motif.  A classic Grecian shaped urn; they have screw-top lids for ease of loading and secure display.  The bottom of the urns is felt lined to protect your furniture.  Ideal for home, columbarium, scattering, or burial. 


  • The Large/Adult urn capacity:  202 cubic inches; dimensions: 12”H x 6.5” D. 
  • Keepsake urn capacity (each):  3 cubic inches; dimensions: 2.8”H x 1.7” D. 
  • Note:  1 pound prior to cremation equals approximately 1 cubic inch. 
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