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We offer the most affordable quality caskets, cremation urns, keepsakes, and other funeral related items with FREE nationwide delivery via FedEx.

Pre-Planning A Funeral

Star Legacy’s mission is to assist you through all phases of the funeral, cremation, and/or burial process. But what exactly is a funeral? If you choose cremation do you still need to arrange a funeral? And if you make ‘pre-arrangements’ what are you pre-arranging? Allow us to explain….

Why Think About it Now?

If you’re like most people, the thought of funerals makes you uneasy. That’s okay. We’ll get you through it. Funerals force us to think about the loss of a loved one or our own mortality … of course, we want to avoid it. But if we do, then we burden those that survive us with agonizing choices and financial decisions, during their time of grief, to give us the funeral they think we want.

Why put pressure on our loved ones when we can pre-plan the arrangements in a stress-free environment: deciding what we want and securing the financing ahead of time … delivering peace of mind to ourselves and those who survive us.

Who Should Be Involved in Pre-Planning a Funeral?

A funeral is a celebration of one’s life and offers friends, family and loved ones the opportunity to gather, sharing the gifts of social and spiritual support, family togetherness and emotional release. That's the goal in pre-planning a funeral. Who better to help you achieve it than those who care the most … your friends, family and loved ones? By sharing the pre-planning experience with others it will be easier to focus and make appropriate decisions. Don’t be afraid to talk about it.

You should involve family, clergy, and friends. If you’re not ready to do that, then contact us. We’ll answer your questions and assist you any way we can. Eventually, you’ll need to involve a trustworthy and reliable funeral director (don’t worry, we’ll help you find one) and depending on what your pre-planning, make financial arrangements. But remember, talking about it and sharing your thoughts with others makes everything easier.

Is There a Difference Between 'Pre-Planning' and      'Pre-Arranging'?

There is and the opinions on which to choose vary. First the difference: ‘pre-planning’ is making choices on the type of service and the options you want, as well as selecting the Funeral Home and Director and sharing your plans with them if you choose ‘pre-arranging’ is the same, but in this case you actually contract with the Funeral Home and Director and both you and the Funeral Home are bound to the services and prices negotiated.

Which is better? That depends on your particular situation. In general, we strongly urge ‘Pre-Planning.’ Why? Our mission is to give you the flexibility to do what’s right emotionally and economically. We do that best by recommending ‘Pre-Planning’ over ‘Pre-Arranging'.

We protect pricing and funding through our AM Best Rated Insurance Company. In some cases we will recommend ‘pre-arrangements’ if it suits your particular situation. In general, we opt towards ‘pre-planning’ and the future flexibility it offers.(Please see, Pre-Planning vs. Pre-Arranging for a more detailed discussion and also what AARP has to say on the matter.)

The First Step in Pre-Planning a Funeral

Actually, you’ve already taken the first step in planning a funeral … you’ve come to the Star Legacy site and you’re thinking about the subject. You’re getting through it. You’re now empowered to make choices.

We’ve prepared a comprehensive Funeral Check List that will make it easy to select and price specifics, but for now there are some general thoughts for you to consider.

Are important documents, such as military records, Social Security numbers, proof of entitlements and benefits, life insurance policies, a copy of the person’s will easily accessible to a family member, trusted advisor, or legal representative? Whether you’re planning for yourself or others, gathering this information is a good way to ease into the pre-planning process.

Let’s assume you’ve taken care of the important documents and contacted one or two people and talked about pre-planning. Talking about it makes it so much easier. Which get us to the next step…

Do I Need a Funeral Director? What Do They Do?

If you’re planning a Funeral Service of any kind or need to take care of an immediate need, a licensed and professional Funeral Director is a necessity to handle the legal and complicated issues that arise. Funeral Directors are professionally trained and licensed to handle such details and assist in obtaining death certificates, permits for burials and cremations and carry out the arrangements you’ve prepared.

The Basics for Pre-Planning are Right Here

By now you’ve given some thought to pre-planning a funeral. Believe it or not, the hardest and most stressful part of ‘pre-planning a funeral’ is behind you. You're now empowered to do the research and explore what’s available here at Star Legacy Funeral Network.

You can use our Funeral Price Calculator to see what a funeral costs. Or purchase a casketurn, or other service, delivered anywhere in the United States. With Star Legacy you are empowered with professional support and guidance.

Simply put, you should use
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