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McHenry, IL, 60050


We offer the most affordable quality caskets, cremation urns, keepsakes, and other funeral related items with FREE nationwide delivery via FedEx.


Star Legacy Funeral Network Earns Better Business Bureau Accreditation

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McHenry, IL – 3/5/2016 – Becoming an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau is an honor not accorded to all businesses; because not all businesses meet eligibility standards. Star Legacy Funeral Network is pleased to announce today that is had met all BBB Standards and is now an Accredited Business.

“Accreditation in the BBB is by invitation only” says Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “And only those businesses that meet our high standards, and pass the review process are approved by our Board of Directors.”

As with all businesses that are accredited by the BBB, Star Legacy Funeral Network has committed to the BBB Code of Business Practices. The code is a comprehensive set of policies, procedures, and best practices on how business treat consumers. These standards call for building trust, embodying integrity, advertising honestly and being truthful. Bernas adds “To maintain their Accreditation a business must be transparent, honor their promises, be responsive to their customers, and safeguard their privacy.”

“We are proud to be a BBB Accredited Business,” said Karen Cooper. “In today’s world it is imperative that our customers know how seriously we take our commitment to excellence and good customer service. Our achieving BBB Accreditation exemplifies that goal.”

Star Legacy Funeral Network has been in business since 2005 and offers consumers the best in funeral supplies. “Our desire is to stay focused on what we do best; provide outstanding products and unsurpassed customer service.” Said Karen Cooper.

For more information contact:
Karen Cooper

Get All The High Quality Funeral Products You Need The Very Next Day

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Today in our modern day world, funerals can be extremely expensive. Not only are they a strain on the wallet, but also on your bank funds in general. But why should this be so? During one's own time of grief, why should one have to worry about financial matters as well as matters concerning the final resting arrangements for their loved ones?

Fortunately, there is a way to arrange everything you need during a funeral in an affordable manner, with no hassle, and as quickly as the very next day.

This is only possible with Star Legacy Funeral Network and their services.

Star Legacy Funeral Network is renowned for being the first organization to provide funeral products to the major retailing market. Not only are their products available in all major corporation stores today, but any person can also purchase and do transactions with Star Legacy Funeral Network directly, either via online or the telephone.

It may come as a surprise, but you can also order any caskets, urns, or other funeral commodities you may need, and receive them the very next day with Star Legacy Funeral Network.

Choosing the right casket or urn for your loved one is extremely important. Not only must it be the exact right fit for their personal height and weight, but it also must match their personality and personal preferences. How one decides to spend their next moments in the afterlife and how they rest in peace, is vital for not just one's peace of mind, but also one's legacy and memory.

Fortunately, Star Legacy Funeral Networks provides a wide variety of casket options.

Besides from the standard wooden casket, metal caskets are also quite popular choices. But sometimes a deceased person may wish for their memory to be expressed in more precise terms to match their personal life.

That is why, Star Legacy Funeral Network also provides Military, Religious, and Sports themed caskets.

All caskets, however, come with internal lining and such things as a pillow and cushions, to better provide for the comfort and security one may wish to have during the final rest.

It is simple and easy to order one of such caskets that you need, and can be done toll free via telephone, or with a few clicks of the mouse online. After ordering, your casket will be delivered to you the very next day, guaranteed, by the well performed services of FedEx Freight Priority.

Nowhere else can one receive such high quality customer service as one can with Star Legacy Funeral Network. The needs and preferences of the customer and a person now deceased are important and are always held in the highest esteem and respect by the staff of Star Legacy Funeral Network.

Funerals come at the worst of times, and so it is important to ensure you can arrange all your matters with ease and affordability, and all of this can only be done with Star Legacy Funeral Network.

Star Legacy Funeral Network: Providing The Best And Latest Funeral Products

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Everyone knows how important it is to plan their final resting place and put all their last wishes and commands into place. This is especially true when one is deciding how they wish to spend their days forever at peace. Traditionally, the most common two such methods are either by casket, which is laid into the ground, or by urn, where one's ashes are stored in memorial.

Arranging these products with a conventional funeral home can unfortunately be extremely expensive and beyond a person's means of affordability. Luckily, there is a way any person across the country can get the funeral products they need at an affordable price to put their mind at ease.

Star Legacy Funeral Network is the premier funeral product company on the market today. For years they have been known for their specialization in quality and excellence, and provide funeral products at vastly lower prices than can be found in the average funeral home. Their services vastly lower the costs of funerals, and bring feelings of security to distressed families, both financially and in other means.

Besides from being the first major retail funeral product provider and having their products featured in such well known stores as Walmart, Sears, BJ's, and on Amazon, their services are available directly online.

With a simple search, anyone can visit Star Legacy Funeral Network's online website at

Perhaps the most well known and appreciated service provided with Star Legacy Network's online support is the ability to order next day caskets. Unfortunately, death can come at the most unexpected of moments, and with the next day casket service, you can have the most high quality casket available on the market delivered right to your door with FedEx Freight Priority.

What could be better than this? Absolute free shipping with all orders placed within the United States.

This service is also provided with Star Legacy Network's other products, which include the finest of engraved urns and in memoriam commodities. There is a wide variety of such products available, especially for in memoriam commodities, which include memorial flags, DNA diamonds, and coin holders. You can even order a Name A Star Memorial in multiple editions and class types.

It is no wonder that each day, thousands of people across the nation utilize the services that Star Legacy Funeral Network provides to give their loved ones the best resting place they deserve. Nowhere else can you find such commitment to quality, quick shipping, and obtain peace of mind during such emotional times.

Whether it be for something planned, or during the unexpected, Star Legacy Funeral Network will always be at your side. You can even call toll free with any questions or concerns you may have. Expert staff are always willing to address your worries, and to provide high quality service to each and every customer.

Do not overpay with thousands of dollars more out of your pocket for a funeral. With Star Legacy Funeral Network, get the products you need at affordable prices.

Protecting Your Loved Ones At Affordable Prices

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Protecting your loved ones with the best care and protection possible is not just important during one's own life, but also in the life to come. Unfortunately, it often times costs an arm and a leg just to give your deceased loved ones the final resting place they would have wanted. Not only are funerals themselves quite expensive in this day in age, but so too is choosing the perfect casket for the one you have recently lost.

Fortunately, there is a way to purchase the right casket at amazingly affordable prices.

Star Legacy Funeral Network was the first company in the world to bring funeral products to major market retailers. Not only does Star Legacy Funeral Network provide the market with suitable caskets for the deceased, but also does it at affordable prices to the consumer. In fact, on average prices are over seventy percent below top brand competitors and what you would find at a conventional funeral home. Prior to Star Legacy Funeral Network, the average person could only find caskets and urns at funeral homes at huge mark ups. No one should have to pay outrageous prices for a place where they will rest forever.

Star Legacy Funeral Network does not just pride itself on its low prices, but also providing quality funeral products to make any final resting place the absolute best one.

As a testimony to this, numerous top retail corporations use Star Legacy Funeral Network products in their stores to provide families with the funeral necessities they need to purchase. Such well known stores include Walmart, Sears, Overstock, Amazon, and BJ's.

Not only stores provide excellent feedback for Star Legacy Funeral Network, but also consumers as well. Almost every purchase from Star Legacy Funeral Network has resulted in absolute positive feedback from satisfied and happy consumers across the country. Each day, thousands of purchases are made and delivered right to you.

Because quality is so important at Star Legacy Funeral Network, standard caskets are not the only product sponsored. Also available are metal caskets, and caskets fit to certain needs, such as being wider than normal, for example. Another popular item includes urns, which are always at a much lower price than can be found at traditional funeral home sources.

Star Legacy Funeral Network is proud to provide quality service and products. Only with Star Legacy Funeral Network can you receive the funeral products you need for your loved ones, ranging from caskets to urns. Always happy to satisfy customers, Star Legacy Funeral Network is also the only company on the market that always respects the customer and his or her wishes, especially during such times of grief.

Finding the right resting place is important for every person and family. Do not settle for amateur products that would bring shame upon a final rest in peace. Only with Star Legacy Funeral Network can you get the quality caskets and urns you need and that your deceased loved ones deserve.